Honours Project_15/16 – WIP

3rd Years Honours Project
Alongside are other modules is are Honours Project where we can showcase our specialties on our own project with tutor support.
Currently a work in progress, I plan to create a scene in UE4 containing points of interest to create a in-game showcase of my work. I planned on covering an array of my skills and so have created here; A high-res, scaled down, landscape terrain with a complex material, also a small foliage pack containing 3 different species of tree, Nettles and grass with texture and normal maps.
I have found UE4 hole materials, which would be used to paint and “erase” parts of the landscape, this seems like it may have a fairly complex approach.
To come are Building assets to replace the “BSP” brushes in the first picture currently used as placeholders.
Rocks created with Photogrammetry using Autodesk’s “Memento” 3d meshes created from a series of user photo’s, dependent on usability this approach could be considered before building and foliage placement onto my landscape.

  • As seen below I manage to get some photogrammetry done with retopologized rocks
    I was never too happy with my windmill but am quite pleased with the textured outcome and cloth used upon the blades
    Still would like to tweak and disperse more grass and tress. Would of loved a stone wall
    I never delved back into UE4 hole materials to mask the outer border of the landscape and instead created some Cloud billboards, this also provided a nice instance for including chimney smoke.

Here is my work in progress Games Pitch/Design Document presentation created using Prezi:

A Whimsical adventure following the story of the Earthkin, Grown from clay, and the struggles which hinder their tiny world.

3D Environment Art and World Builder
Uclan – Honours in Games Design
2015 – 2016